Easy Shibori Tutorial- With Paint Sticks

One of my favorite things to do with shibori is to use things I have around the house.  I have a lot of paint sticks from projects past.  This pattern is so much fun!  I love the way it makes a jagged abstract stripe down the middle.  I made this pillow from a linen- I absolutely love working with linen because it takes the dye so so beautifully!!

Supplies you will need:

Something to dye – linen is great, but you can use any natural fiber

2 paint sticks



Soda Ash



click on the links for suggest supplies 

You will need to accordion fold your pillow (or whatever you are dyeing) to be about the width of the paint sticks.  Then sandwich the fabric with paint sticks and tie around string around the middle.  I like to wrap it very tightly and go up and down multiple times.  Finally, I will finish it off by tying it to the tail of the original knot.  Then you’re are ready to dip! 

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