Fourth of July Tie Dye Project

I wanted to try something fun and festive for the Fourth of July this year.  I was inspired by people in my online shibori classes, being resourceful when they couldn't get their hands on indigo.  They would buy Rit Dye or tie dye kits!  The Shibori folding techniques can be applied to tie dye and you can have a lot of fun mixing the colors! 

Here's the brand I used:

I wanted to get a lot of different techniques with the red white and blue. I'm attaching the before and after photos in this blog post and I've also made a video on my YouTube channel.  Check it out and subscribe for more videos about projects I'm working on.  

One note I would say is that I wish I had rinsed the pieces sooner.  I didn't get too much bleeding, but I suspect I could have had even less if I had rinsed the tshirts sooner.  The thinner fabric didn't bleed at all. I washed the whole tie dye load with synthrapol and about 1/4 cup of white vinegar.  

Link for synthrapol:


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Maria Eugenia Herrera

Maria Eugenia Herrera said:

Very creative and resourceful. Congrats!!!

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