How to mix a Pre-reduced Indigo Vat- Tutorial with Itajime Square Shibori Pattern

I made this video a while ago and haven't posted it because I wasn't used to seeing myself on camera.  But I realize that being on camera is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and gifts with the world.  I'm a creative and I always have been.  Sometimes I wish I was different, but this is my gift and I feel compelled to share with the world.  Sometimes I feel strange calling myself an artist.  But I went to art school and I do art almost everyday, so I don't know why the imposter syndrome is still around.  The world always needs beauty and it's so important. Thanks for watching my videos, following me on social media, reading my website, and supporting me.  I appreciate you.


My Pre-reduced Indigo Recipe:

2 parts indigo

2 parts soda ash

1 part thiox

2 gallons of room temperature water

Wash with Synthrapol


Supplies in the video- the below are affiliate links- thanks for your support.


Soda Ash:



Itajime Templates:


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