I'm still really into ice dyeing and I tried out another color that spilt.  This time I'm trying some shibori stitching techniques and I'm ice dyeing over a screen.  This means that I'm going to not be doing it "in the muck".  

The color I used for this shirt is call ed Shiitake and it's really pretty!  If you use it for tie dye it will be a neutral taupe color, but when you use it for ice dyeing it splits beautifully!  If you look closely you can see purple, yellow, blue, brown, and pink all running into each other.  It's really cool and comes out a little different each time.  Watch the video for the whole process.

Here are some process photos!

ice dye tshirt stitched shibori

ice dyeing melting shiitake procion dye

ice dyeing after the ice melts

Before Washing:

ice dyed tshirt

ice dyed tshirt

I washed this shirt with synthrapol aka "dyer's detergent".  You can click on the link to find it. 



February 14, 2021 — Catherine Ruhl

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