Itajime Shibori Tutorial- Equilateral Triangle

This is one of my favorite patterns hands down! It's modern and geometric.  You can make it more white or more blue depending on the size of the fold.  I did this one with mostly white- I think it looks very understated and delicate.  

This is an equilateral triangle fold with clamps and molds to help it stay in place. 


Itajime Templates

itajime templates

Fold the fabric accordion style into a rectangle.  Then fold it into a triangle with 3 60 degree angle corners.  Alternate which direction you fold it- also making this an accordion fold.  Place the clamps on either side of the fold and clamp it tight.  Then dip- I like to check it and see if there is enough dye- the really tight folds can sometimes not get saturated.  I dipped this one a few times.  You can massage the indigo into the sides of the bind to make sure it's getting through.  Unclamp and let it dry.  Then wash and dry on hot.  I use synthrapol to wash my dye loads.  

 Another version of this fold:

shibori itajime pattern

Itajime shibori pillow


November 04, 2020 — Catherine Ruhl

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