Ink Blot Pattern-Easy Stitched Shibori Pattern

ink blot shibori pillow

I like to call this pattern the Rorschach pattern because the pattern is a mirror image and it will come out differently each time.  Rorschach invented the ink blot test.  It consists of showing people in blots and asking them what they see. Here is an example of some ink blot patterns:


Dipping can be a little tricky since there is very little binding.  In order to get a nice resist I would suggest dipping it quickly and checking to see if you like the pattern.  If you want more blue- dip it again.  It's up to you.  :) This pattern can be very understated and a great choice for something very stained that you would like to upcycle.  Shibori and tie dye are always great for that!  

If you try this technique post about it and tag me so I can see your beautiful work! Thanks for stopping by. 


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