Scarf Tutorial Stitched Shibori

This scarf is such a great piece! There are a lot of possibilities with stitched shibori and this one is pretty straight forward.  It's not the fastest pattern, but the time is worth it! I suggest stitching while watching tv or while chatting on the phone. 

Basically the pattern consists of rows of basting stitches. I recommend making the stitches about 3/4" to 1" each.  I like to use a heavy weight thread to prevent the threads from snapping while gathering. I try to make them fairly even but the varied size stitches will create a beautiful organic pattern!  When I gather I tie both ends to it's neighboring thread.  That way they get reinforced on both sides. 

Another tricky thing is the actual dipping process.  I would recommend using a medium weight fabric.  This is a jersey fabric- if you use a thin fabric make sure to not dip it for too long.  I like to dip it quickly and then check it to see how much dye has gotten into the pleats.  You can dip it a few times to make sure you like it. After the dip I let the piece dry while sewn up.  Then I like to crack the stitches open.  

stitched shibori

August 08, 2020 — Catherine Ruhl

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