I've detailed my step by step for making my favorite face covering/ mask pattern.  I have downloaded the pattern from the link below.  I have drafted the pattern up and down to make sizes.  The face covering in the video is an XL that I have adjusted to be bigger than the L. The best thing about this face covering is that it has ear elastics and head straps.  You can wear it in a few ways.  

- ear elastics only- remove straps

- straps only tied to be around the ears- cutting off the elastics

- ear elastics with the straps tied around your neck for easy access

It's very versatile.  You can wear this face covering all of these ways and make it the most comfortable for you! 

Original Pattern:



This is also available for sale if you don't want to make it yourself:



***I am not a medical professional- this is a reusable fabric face covering***

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